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Tunnel in shotcrete construction method



Tunnel, Griechenland

Maidl & Maidl Consulting Engineers, Bochum

Project description:
The Panagopoula tunnel is planned as part of the new high-speed railway link between Corinth and Patras in Greece. The tunnel consists of two single-track tubes with a total length of 4676 m. Both tubes have a distance of 25 to 35 m and an overburden of 20 to 280 m. The two tunnels will be constructed using the shotcrete construction method (New Austrian Tunnelling Method).

Lime stone, weathered lime stone, conglomerates, Flysch

Scope of work:

  • Two-dimensional Finite Element analyses (plane strain) of different cross sections
  • Analyses with different overburden (15, 50 and 200 m) and of different excavation classes
  • Graphical visualisation of the results, in particular the structural forces and the measurable deformations of the shotcrete lining

Used Finite Element Code:

Used constitutive laws:
Linear elasticity (generalized Hooke)
Linear-elastic, perfectly-plastic model (Mohr-Coulomb)

Typical domain size:

15 m overburden:
50 m  x  45 m
4,347 triangular elements
with 4th order interpolation
34,975 nodes

50 m overburden:
50 m  x  80 m
2,552 triangular elements
with 4th order interpolation
20,601 nodes

200 m overburden:
50 m  x  230 m
3,147 triangular elements
with 4th order interpolation
25,363 nodes



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