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Tunnel Maliakos





Maliakos-Kleidi Motorway, Tunnel Design, Greece

ILF Beratende Ingenieure ZT Gesellschaft mbH

Project description:
The Maliakos-Kleidi Motorway is part of the so-called PATHE-highway which connects Patras, Athens and Thessaloniki. The Tunnel Tembi II is one of the tunnels needed for the Maliakos-Kleidi Motorway. It is a two-line street tunnel with two tubes, a length of 5.980 m and a cross-sectional area of 80 to 145 m².

The project area is dominated by rock of the Ossa Unit (phyllites and limestones). Between these major rock types “transitional” rock units such as deformed phyllites with intercalations of crystalline limestones are found. Tunnel T2 is situated within a sequence of highly disturbed to undisturbed limestones and distinctive shear foliated zones of phyllites described as mylonites.

Scope of work:

  • Various structural stability analyses for the initial support for the NATM tunneling section of the Tunnel T2.
  • Two-dimensional Finite Element analyses (plane strain).

Used Finite Element Codes:
PLAXIS 3D Foundations V2.1

Used constitutive laws:
Linear-elastic, perfectly-plastic model (Mohr-Coulomb)

Typical domain size:
155 m  x  95 m
6,295 triangular elements with 4th order interpolation
51,279 nodes

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