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Case study shaft design, Barcelona



Barcelona Línia 9, Spain

Maidl & Maidl Consulting Engineers, Bochum

Project description:
Shafts with an internal diameter of 27 m and a excavation depth of 50 m are planned in the city center of Barcelona within the construction works of the new Metro line 9. The shafts shall be build by the vertical boring method. For this study analyses with and without buildings are performed.

Silt, partially with sand and clay, as well as fine and coarse sands with changing clay content and gravel

Scope fo work:

  • Case study for the design of the shaft
  • Three-dimensional Finite Element analysis of the shaft
  • Analyses with and without building
  • Investigation on the influence of the deformations caused by the annular gap of the boring machine
  • Investiagtion on the internal forces and stresses of the shaft

Used Finite Element Code:
PLAXIS 3D Foundations V2.1

Used constitutive laws:
Linear elasticity (generalized Hooke)
Hardening-Soil model (elasto-plastic)

Model size:
170 m  x  75 m  x  90 m
50.600 wedge elements with quadratic interpolation
133.800 nodes

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