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Piled raft foundation of a power plant in Karlsruhe





Construction of a power plant, Karlsruhe, Germany

Smoltczyk & Partner GmbH, Stuttgart

Project description:
Close to the river Rhein a new power plant is constructed in Karlsruhe. A raft and a piled raft foundation is planned in this project and the performance of the raft had to be investigated.

Mainly gravel and sand interbedded with cohesive layers.

Scope of work:

  • Simulation of bored piles with base and shaft grouting.
  • Investigation on the influence of dilatancy on the bearing behaviour of the piles underneath the raft
  • Three-dimensional Finite Element analyses of a section through the power and boiler house
  • Investigated alternatives for the piled raft:
    • Variation of pile layout
    • Variation of pile length
    • Variation of distance of the rafts

Used Finite Element Codes:
PLAXIS 3D Foundations V2.1

Used constitutive laws:
Linear elasticity (generalized Hooke)
Hardening-Soil model (elasto-plastic) + Small-Strain-Stiffness

Typical model size:
222,5 m  x  14,5 m  x  43,0 m (58,0 m)
55.500 bis 63.000 wedge elements with quadratic interpolation
170.700 to 186.000 nodes

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